Friday, November 21, 2008


Shrapnel from the work bomb that exploded in my apartment over this past week is still lying about. I slept until 11 this morning so there's not much chance of getting this cleaned up before I go to class (if I also want something to eat).
Prior to sleeping for 12 hours last night, I was up for 36 hours. This was the final push for that renaissance garden project and then I resisted taking a nap yesterday even though I had opportunity because I wanted to get myself back on a normal sleeping schedule. Ah, the worklag.* Last night helped me relax into "I can sleep now" mode. Watching "The Pianist" with friends, delicious snacks, red wine, and a warm puppy (Titan, Todd's pup) snoozing on my lap--all very restful and restorative. Sleep helped too.
Now I want to go on vacation to that renaissance villa/garden I created (it's on an island on a lake in Lombardy) and bring all my friends. I think 2 months of relaxation should do it.

In reality, though, in less than a week I will be at home in Dorchester with my puppy, and lovely family, with walks in the NH woods, a toasty wood fire, and leisurely good-food-eating in store.
It will be heaven.

*worklag is what happens when your sleep schedule gets thrown out of whack because of work. Because jetlag is not an appropriate word in this instance... unless your work involves jets? In which case the right word would really be jetworklag?

For now, see my Italian Renaissance Garden. Click on the picture for an up-close view.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Today I worked at home all day, but I got a lot done so it was good, if a little claustrophobic. Above is the sketch-in-progress for my design of an Italian Renaissance garden. The assignment is to take a minimum of 6 pieces from different Renaissance villas, and combine them to make a "Villa Eclectica." That tadpole-head thing on the left will look better when it is balanced by the lemon grove I intend to put in just below it.

catching up

Two huge projects due next week, two huge projects which both mean a lot to me. My head is spinning.

For now, some catching-up in photo form. What has Liz been up to? In sum:

Fall Break: hiking up Taughannock Gorge on 10/11

Making tasty food when she has time:

steak au poivre with red wine reduction, accompanied by rice pilaf, haricots verts and butternut squash (for Mike and myself when he came to visit me over fall break)

omelet with picholine olives, roasted-tomato salsa, and goat cheese

miso chicken broth with soba noodles, shitakes, green pepper, and roasted butternut squash

Walking through autumn mist on the way to class:

In other news, I have moved my orchids and maidenhair fern inside for the winter. They are now hanging out in my bedroom by a southwest facing window. I just have to remember to open the curtains for them before I leave for the day. Fortunately my bedroom is the coolest room in the house so it's not bad for plants, not too dry. Also I have acquired a new orchid, an oncidium. It is about to bloom.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halleluiah! Halleluiah!

I am so proud of Americans right now. I sincerely hope we can join together behind President Obama, and that his wise choices and thoughtful words will help bridge divides between fellow Americans.
This election means so much.
I am full of hope, finally.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Votey vote vote

All the people of whom I know who read what I write here already know this, but VOTE! Participate in the American political process, however flawed it may be, and VOTE! Be an aware and responsible citizen and VOTE! Conquer the grinch of apathy and VOTE!
'Nuff said.

Vote already. I did. Absentee. Hurrah for voting.


I made this deeelicious soup last night. It is perfect for cold weather and I suspect would be very nourishing if one had a cold. It is also surprisingly good left over, I say surprisingly because it even seems to improve the next day.
I will post the recipe when I get a minute sometime (ha ha). I tweaked the recipe a tiny bit. I think because I love eggs that I would add an additional egg yolk next time, if I was feeling extra indulgent, to thicken the broth a little more. Also, because the egg flavor is so important, I would use really good eggs.
This is not a "normal" avgolemono soup, because it includes zucchini. I also want to try asparagus and dill, including tiny bits of sausage, carrots and celery, etc... really its just a great soup base. Also I think it could easily be made with pearl barley instead of white rice.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween!! Marie Antoinette deux (she's back, and better/deader than ever)

A super Halloween. Lots of fun had by all. After finishing the sleeves for my costume (I pick-stitched them to the corset), I went over to Nicole's apartment where we applied makeup and fake blood (gel blood does not melt like the stuff I used last time I was Marie A., and is very easy to remove, plus it started to peel off later in the night, to grisly effect). Her wig looked perfect for the part of Jareth (the David Bowie character from Labyrinth), and her cape billowed out in just the right dramatic way when she walked. Here are a few photos... (la perruque; le costume; in character as Jareth and Marie Antoinette; Todd as creepy clown man and I).