Wednesday, February 18, 2009

all quiet on the western front

It is a dark snowy night in mid February (the dimmest time of year), a good night to be cooped up in the studio immersing myself in work. Real post to come soon, promise. Not just another recipe (though I have those).
For now, a couple of recent photos. These are (some of) my plants, which are creating a mini-greenhouse feeling in my bedroom. My magenta Phalenopsis orchid has a flower shoot with four buds! You can see the flower shoot in the upper middle of the group of plants, towards the window. I will record its process over the next weeks. I expect that it will not bloom until the end of March/April.
And this is the path I used to take to get to campus, now covered in snow and ice. The one time I tried it I had to hold onto the hand rail the whole way around because of the ice. Not going to do that again. P.S. To see the photos in their full glory (I'm not boasting (only sort of), they really are tiny and hard to see), I recommend double clicking on the photo and it will enlarge.

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