Tuesday, March 1, 2011

here they come!

Finally, the moment you've been waiting for: photos of flowers that I actually photographed today, outdoors, in Ithaca, NY. Sure, those little crocuses look a bit anemic, but they're doing the best they can!

Okay, okay, a bit of a caveat: there is a little hill on Tower Road (near the landscape architecture studio), between Garden Ave and East Ave, adjacent to the Azalea Garden, which seems to be sheltered enough that the snowdrops and crocuses bloom there first. A microclimate, perhaps. I've been keeping an eye on this hillside, and on my way to the library today noticed snowdrops poking through the leaves in between clumps of snow. I love the French name for snowdrop: perce-neige, which literally means "pierce snow." It evokes for me the feeling that this tiny plant is dealing a blow to winter. En garde, hiver! Le printemps avance!

As I was kneeling in the mud and leaves with my camera, I heard a shout from across the street. "Liz!" I turned. "Ha! I knew it was you," said my classmate Matt. "Who else would it be?"

Ha, it's true.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! And my camera started working again! Now I just have to figure out if the brown tips on some of the leaves on my bromeliad are due to the cold while it was outside before I got it or some light/water issue...

Liz said...

Thanks Hunter! Glad the camera survives.
Hmmm... brown leaf tips you say... are they crispy and brown? If so, I reckon cold is the issue. Bromeliads are pretty tough.