Sunday, September 28, 2008

bad plant mommy

My myrtle plant, which currently lives at my desk in the studio, is now sharing its cachepot with tiny bright yellow mushrooms. Which look rather... manly. Rachel is now carrying the plant around the studio showing off the studly fungi.

I swear the last time I watered it the dirt was dry dry dry. ???
I need to pin up a watering schedule.

Although... the results of my bad plant wifery are entertaining everyone.

In completely unrelated news, I bought a desk chair. Because the chairs provided seem designed to wrench backs.

Edit: The tiny mushrooms grew quite large (okay, three inches tall, but that's large compared to 3/4 inch in this picture), and opened up flat mushroom caps. They are gone now.

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EEJ said...

Now I have an excuse to send you that fungus identification link! Yay!