Thursday, September 25, 2008

campus wildlife

This little furry creature could sit comfortably in my palm, with wiggle room. It is about 4 inches tall, no kidding. I'm not usually partial when it comes to rooting for prey versus predator. I like hawks, I hope they eat many squirrels (especially the ones that live behind my house and gnaw gnaw gnaw on walnuts all the livelong day). And there are really a lot of bunnies on campus. But this little bit of fluff is just the cutest thing, I can't help but hope it survives. Thanks to MRY for the photo. Pretty good for a cell phone pic!
Also on the cute-creature front, I finally got a photo of Mr. Tubs, the sleek and round groundhog who lives in the Wee Stinky Glen. This is not his official name, and I have not asked him what he goes by, but I see him all the time when I'm walking to and from the bookstore, so I thought he needed a moniker. He has a quite handsome chestnut colored coat. He was eating leaves (I could hear him munching) so he didn't notice me sneaking up. I suppose it could also be Mrs. Tubs, or perhaps there is more than one groundhog living in the Wee Stinky Glen, but I am going to take some license.
Now back to studying plants.

By the end of the plant walk yesterday, my whole clipboard was covered with leaves.


EEJ said...

I do miss living somewhere with *actual* nature... The Charles river reservation is nice, but the most exotic thing you get there is the heron, which isn't really that cuddly.

Liz said...

Hurrah my young blog is now complete with comments!
Yes there is quite a bit of wildlife around here. Funny, you miss living in a wilder area. I miss... convenient public transportation. Ha.