Friday, May 1, 2009


So *obviously* my goal for the summer first and foremost is to find a job. But aside from that, there are many personal projects that I haven't been able to work on since last August. Here is a partial list.

Purely personal projects:
  • Knitting. First off, a sweater for Cara's baby, due in July! Second, socks for Mike. I've also been eying patterns on this great blog Now if I could only afford enough yarn for another sweater... I'd love to design a pattern of my own, and I have some visions I'd love to draw out.
  • Painting. Ideally I'll have a few days before I have to move out when I can work on the LeRay/Jones painting.
  • Sculpture: playing with paper and making abstract shapes. Specifically I have mobiles and light fixtures in mind.
Not as personal creative project:
  • Planning and research for the Watercolor for Landscape Architects class I'm teaching in the fall


EEJ said...

Hooray! Good goals. Also, love your new image up top. Did you make it? Saw your man the other night. He seems inordinately excited to have you home for the summer - as am I! Good luck with the final push!

Liz said...

Thanks! Yes, that's a detail from a collage I made. Glad you like it!

FS said...

You're teaching your own class? Go Liz! I am so impressed, Madame Professor. :)